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Bakers of Bath has been producing some of the best breads and cakes in Bath since 1935 and it's still thriving in the modern market.

The Twerton-based bakery was founded at the end of WW1 by Francis James Baker, who had been working as a foreman for a national bakery and at the time, had named the bakery D M Baker, after his wife, Daisy Meadow.

Since then, four generations of the Baker family have worked at Baker's of Bath.

The business is now one of the few remaining craft bakeries in Bath.

After being passed down the Baker family for 84 years, the bakery was sold to Dave & Tracey Fussell September 2018.

Dave had been working at Bakers of Bath as their bakery manager, and is now continuing the proud legacy of the bakery.

Dave runs the shop with his wife Tracey along with their front of shop team, and five other bakers.

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